Who knew getting stronger and feeling better could be so much fun?

When I began to look at new ways to help strengthen my hips and low back a friend recommended Pilates to me. I sort of laughed it off a little at first, but just out of curiosity I looked into it. I am really glad I did. It is an hour I look forward to every week and usually when I am working with Sunni my instructor we are laughing and working out at the same time. I have gotten much stronger, the hips no longer hurt, the back issues related to that are also gone. I got my 75 yr old mom doing it and she loves it.


What makes it so great ? First it really is fun. No work out is the same, I learn something new every visit, or I try and perfect what I learned the last visit. Unlike the gym where you can vary how or in what order you do something eventually you will be doing the same exercise over again. Pilates gives you thousands of different ways to a crunch.


Secondly, you can advance in complexity. What killed most gym workouts for me is that boredom factor. You can increase the amount of weight, the number of reps, the speed you do the rep at when you are at a gym, but you will never really change the basic of a bench press. PIlates would take the bench press, add a variation and you have a whole new exercise for the same muscle groups


An additional benefit is how pilates targets entire muscle groups, small and large. By including the muscles you don’t see in the mirror, the mirror muscles actually work better. By exercising all the muscles around my hip, I have beaten the pain that was becoming a daily visitor.


Its a discipline just like Karate or distance running, but a very easy one to really enjoy.


David Reese

Sunni Wan Kenobi

I am a young Luke Skywalker to Sunni’s Yoda! I am forever in her debt for all my Pilates instruction, my journey to a healthier, happier me and my quest to be a great Pilates instructor…just like her! Thank you and Studio S rocks!

– Annette Holladay


Sunni’s mat class was truly a lifesaver for me. I have tried all kinds of exercise and diet plans and never achieved anything close to what I have done with Sunni and Pilates. She knows how to get results and wants to see us reach our goals. She is always correcting and encouraging .I enjoy my classes with her.

– Elise

What Sunni has done for me…

To explain what Sunni has done for me, I need to rewind back to how I came to discover Pilates. About 2 years ago, I had 3 major abdominal surgeries. From my surgeries, my abdominals had been cut both horizontally and vertically, leaving my core utterly useless, not to mention, I had a weak back and D.D.D to go along with it. There was something distinctive about one of my surgeons; not so much that she was a world-renown surgeon, but that there was a long, lean strongness about her that was obvious in the way she carried herself. At the point in my recovery when she allowed me to return to my normal activity, she strongly recommended that I find a good Pilates instructor that was well-trained and certified in the true Pilates method. This, she insisted, would put me back together better than anything else, as she was a serious Pilates student herself.

After doing some research, I came across Sunni. I remember how excited and relieved I felt to find such an accomplished instructor in the rural town I live in. I began taking semi-private lessons, and with her close supervision and guidance came to progress into group classes. Sunni always provided modifications for all levels and detailed explanations of everything. I have always found it remarkable how she is able to challenge all her students of all levels by pushing us to our limits, while bringing such a positive, fun energy to her classes. Somehow, there has never been a class without hard laughter, or a lack of professionalism.

After being a student for about a year, I can say that I am truly strong. My body has entirely changed and I am able to at the very least keep up with the most advanced students. By the way, I am 62 years old. I am seriously considering becoming certified. I have a new zest for life and I owe that to Sunni. She is truly inspirational.

– Patti