All Class Series are Half Off in March!

2 Things…well, 3 actually~

1) You have to give to get
2) Gotta listen to learn
3) Treat people the way you would like to be treated


I would love the opportunity to take more pilates classes and workshops so that I can continue to provide my clients the best of what pilates has to offer.
What I continuously hear is that pilates is so expensive. Well, I have put, and continue to put, thousands into my education and apparatus, so that I can offer premium content.

Since this is my birth month, I would like to give pilates away this month, because I want to have more clients, so I can afford to take more classes so I can continue to offer up the goods.

During the month of March, all of the series at Studio S Pilates will be 1/2 price. 

Go to the EVENT CALENDAR, go to schedule a class, see what calls to you..then email me at [email protected], and lets get you started.

Win/Win situation dontcha think? I also believe that referral is the best marketing tool around…so don’t be shy, SHARE this with your friends~There, I have accomplished 1,2 and 3..YAY!

Oh yeah, this offer isn’t that ‘only for new clients’ thing…this is good for current and new clients…I pride myself on being fair and treating others the way I would like to be treated, and to be honest I’m always offended by the ‘new client only ‘ thing…what about the folk that have been supporting the business all along, huh???? So bring it…let’s do some pilates and get those bodies in shape! Pilates is no namby pamby workout, it is not for the weak (of spirit), or the unmotivated or the undriven. It IS for the person who wants to get in shape, get strong, get healthy, get flexible, get self esteem. We start where YOU are today and build a custom designed program to meet YOUR needs. Come meet the springs;))