Workshop with Andrea Maida


 Hosts The Fabulous Andrea Maida

Saturday, November 16, 2013 Cost $125 before Oct 15, $150 after Oct 16

Suitable for Pilates Teachers of all schools, and advanced Pilates students

  Wunda Chair: The Springs and Connection


About Andrea:

Andrea Maida with Pilates legend Romana

A graduate of Vintage Pilates inaugural class of The Work, Andrea was thrilled to be invited into Teaching the Work under Jay Grimes, 1st Generation MasterTeacher and former student of Joseph Pilates.  She has comprehensive training through Excel Movement Studios in Washington, DC and Romana’s Pilates in New York.


Andrea is the owner of a private Pilates studio in Solana Beach, CA and also an instructor at Vintage Pilates in Los Angeles. She is privileged to be a teacher and blogger for which is dedicated to recording, preserving and spreading Joseph Pilates’ original work worldwide. Find more information, contact Andrea and read the blog at


A ‘Teaser’ About the workshop:

Join me as we look at the challenging exercises on the Wunda Chair. We’ll get help from the springs, your powerhouse and the 2-way stretch. You might even end up liking some of them!


Payment Plans are available, please contact Sunni at Studio S Pilates (951~971.2632) [email protected] regarding payment and optional payment arrangements.

Saddest weekend ever for the Pilates community…

Saddest weekend ever for the Pilates community. Two more of our most highly esteemed teachers have joined the Pilates community beyond the stars.
I never had the pleasure of knowing Romana, but I’ve felt the essence of her through the teachers I’ve chosen to study with, her Legacy DVD’s, the film clips shown at Siri’s Pilates Intensive at Big Bear, and the many stories told whenever Pilates teachers are gathered for one reason or another. The earthly Pilates world will miss her. I hope she knew how much she was loved by those whose lives she touched, and still touches just by the fact that she was, well…. Romana~

Julian Littleford, I had the pleasure of meeting on many occasions at Pilates conferences.  He was an elegant, eloquent man, and a brilliant teacher. I took many amazing classes from him, and thanks to video, still can. It’s just so very sad that he was taken from his family and friends much to soon. To all who knew Julian, I am so very sorry for your loss, I send you peace and strength to get through this time.  My deepest condolences…