I get it…Pilates isn’t for everybody.

I get it – I know Pilates isn’t for everyone.

But if you’ve ever had a stiff neck or too tight shoulders, or slept wrong and woke up feeling out of sorts, hip ache, sore low back, crunchy knees, or if you have a situation like recovering from an injury, or struggling with an illness, are or were (or are in your dreams) an athlete, plus desire a healthy spine that will take you the rest of the way in your life, and never let you down, but enable your ability to live your life off the couch……you just may be interested.

You may also get a side benefit of looking taller and leaner, having more muscle tone, ridiculously strong abdominals, seriously toned and strong arms, legs and glutes, and some increased flexibility….as your range of motion increases, you better your game on and off the field. 😉
So what are your goals for yourself? You won’t know you’ve achieved anything or see the level of achievement if you don’t start by setting some goals, and charting the progress.

Call me up, I can help you get where you’re going. We’ll set the goals, chart the progress and prove that we walk our talk. If you want to bring a like-minded friend or two, we’ll have a class and keep it fun and challenging.

Do a 30 min Focused Private and  let’s get specific, and/or work it all in a 55 min lesson. Looking forward to hearing from that 1% that’s concerned with taking care of their spine! AND paying it forward to yourself is a really good goal.

See you in the studio ☀️