I wish there were more driven professionals like her in my industry!

Sunni introduced me to a whole new world of pilates. From the beginning, you could feel her passion for the art and its effects.

Sunni’s biggest flaw is her heart. It’s too big, too loving, and too forgiving.  Her beautiful business is small and personalized, just how she wants it to be.  She offers quality and direction specific to your body’s imbalances. A good day for her is her seeing you work through that “stuck” spot and seeing your eyes brighten when you get a move down.

She’s a wonderful teacher that’ll help you connect and spend quality, getting to know you time with your body. She’s the perfect person to guide the experience.

I also took her student-teacher training course. Sunni has a very structured class, and she expects the same commitment from her students as they do from her. She works around your schedule to make it possible for you to get everything you can out of your work with her. She can be a tough teacher, but you’re not paying her good money to be easy. She challenges you, and pushes you to think deeper and harder. Everyone going through the training program, and paying top dollar (worth the knowledge of a sound professional that if she doesn’t know the answer will research and come back to you with it..very personal, very passionate)  everyone knows exactly what they’re getting into. Sunni has stipulations for submitting an application to her program. You MUST have trained with her at least 6 months, which means everyone is already acquainted with her teaching style.

I’ve known Sunni through Studio S Pilates for 3 years now and Sunni’s stuck through it all with me. She’s a good friend, an even better pilates instructor, and she wants to see real professionals in her industry that can tell the difference between a quadricep and an adductor. I wish there were more driven professionals like her in my industry! We could use a leader like you!

Rachel H.

March Mat-ness!

In honor of March Mat-ness, Studio S Pilates is offering a beginning group class beginning Saturday mornings at 9, starting next Saturday morning March 7!
Please call the studio, or respond here to RSVP. There are only 6 spots open. $15 each per class, per series of 6 sessions. This will be an ongoing series, buy as many series as you like at that price by end of March 31, 2014. The price goes up to $20 per class April 1.

Contact us today to RSVP!

Studio S Pilates