After just one session with her I was hooked

I walked into a Pilates studio one day with a sense of skepticism and met Sunni Almond. After just one session with her I was hooked. I could not wait until the next time to workout and this from a girl who hated to workout. Since that day I have evolved not only in my body but in the knowledge of Pilates. Sunni is now teaching me about authentic classical Pilates  on equipment like I’ve never seen before.

She is knowledgeable, and energetic and teaches safely and appropriately for the person she is working with  She is teaching me the exercises the way Joseph Pilates intended for them to be taught, I feel the difference in my own body after each session.

There is no pounding out endless reps on high resistance like what happens in a gym, which is another reason why I hated to excersie. She has carefully designed a program to fit my needs and abilities, strengthen my weak parts and challenge my strong ones. I feel the differences that Sunni inspires me to make. I’m more flexible, stronger from within, my muscles are getting to be sleek and defined. I believe there is a difference in quality of moves over quantity of moves. I prefer the quality.

Thank you Sunni and Studio S Pilates for showing me what fun a workout can be as well as learning about all the styles and methods of Pilates today.  It is hard to beat the original.

Monica Jorgenson