I no longer experience neck pain or feel frustrated during a Pilates class

I have been going to Pilates on and off for more than 10 years. I started with a group mat class and have worked in both private and group reformer classes over the years. I was most recently attending a fairly large group reformer class where I would typically leave class with a sore neck and other aches and pains that I just chocked up to completing a rigorous workout. I mean, no pain, no gain, right?

Being new to the area, I wanted to try another studio and see if there was a difference. To say I found a difference in training with Sunni is a huge understatement. Even though I have been doing some form of Pilates for more than a decade, it was evident to me in the first 5 minutes of our first session that I had never been truly introduced to classical, Joseph Pilates-style training.

At first, I felt a little frustrated, like I have to learn everything I thought I knew all over again. Sunni takes the time to explain the theory behind the classical Pilates workout, the way Joseph taught it in his own studio. Sunni teaches on classical equipment, and while it may all look similar to equipment you’ve been on in other studios, her equipment is designed in true Joseph style with springs that don’t do all the work for you.

Sunni teaches you how take control of each exercise, and not let the machines do the work for you. This was a big change for me since all of previous experience was working on equipment designed for the masses.

My neck actually felt better after our very first session. I no longer experience neck pain during my Pilates workouts and I’m no longer feeling frustrated because I trust that Sunni is teaching me the way it was meant to be taught. Even though I’m moving more slowly in my new training with Sunni, I’m feeling muscles that I haven’t felt in a very long time. If I do have any soreness, it’s the good kind of muscle fatigue.

If you’re attending a modern Pilates studio, most likely, you’re doing it all wrong and don’t even know it. I was for more than 10 years! Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing and do yourself a favor. Book a session with Sunni and decide for yourself.

~Danielle S.

Sunni is THE go-to person in this area for Pilates, especially classical

Sunni is THE go-to person in this area for Pilates, especially classical. She lives and breathes the method…she is so up to date with everything Pilates it simply amazes me. She writes for several Pilates blogs and knows hundreds of Pilates teachers and students all over the world via strong social media connections. She was my original Pilates teacher about 10 years ago and although I am also a teacher now, she is still my go-to person. I recently visited her for instruction on Classical Pilates and came away with so much info my head is still spinning. She also has strong morales and great integrity and can put a smile on anyone’s face! Thanks Sunni!

~ Annette Holladay, Pilates teacher

Loving my private sessions of Classical Pilates

Am loving my private sessions of classical pilates instruction with Sunni every Saturday, She is doing a fabulous job of helping me take my pilates ability and understanding to another level.

Sunni is well informed in the classical Pilates method. Her studio is equipped with only Joe’s original format apparatuses and gizmos. He had a lot of them (not only the reformer). So if you want the real deal and a serious Pilates workout try one of Sunni’s solo sessions. $ well spent!!

~Lore Miller

After just one session with her I was hooked

I walked into a Pilates studio one day with a sense of skepticism and met Sunni Almond. After just one session with her I was hooked. I could not wait until the next time to workout and this from a girl who hated to workout. Since that day I have evolved not only in my body but in the knowledge of Pilates. Sunni is now teaching me about authentic classical Pilates  on equipment like I’ve never seen before.

She is knowledgeable, and energetic and teaches safely and appropriately for the person she is working with  She is teaching me the exercises the way Joseph Pilates intended for them to be taught, I feel the difference in my own body after each session.

There is no pounding out endless reps on high resistance like what happens in a gym, which is another reason why I hated to excersie. She has carefully designed a program to fit my needs and abilities, strengthen my weak parts and challenge my strong ones. I feel the differences that Sunni inspires me to make. I’m more flexible, stronger from within, my muscles are getting to be sleek and defined. I believe there is a difference in quality of moves over quantity of moves. I prefer the quality.

Thank you Sunni and Studio S Pilates for showing me what fun a workout can be as well as learning about all the styles and methods of Pilates today.  It is hard to beat the original.

Monica Jorgenson

I wish there were more driven professionals like her in my industry!

Sunni introduced me to a whole new world of pilates. From the beginning, you could feel her passion for the art and its effects.

Sunni’s biggest flaw is her heart. It’s too big, too loving, and too forgiving.  Her beautiful business is small and personalized, just how she wants it to be.  She offers quality and direction specific to your body’s imbalances. A good day for her is her seeing you work through that “stuck” spot and seeing your eyes brighten when you get a move down.

She’s a wonderful teacher that’ll help you connect and spend quality, getting to know you time with your body. She’s the perfect person to guide the experience.

I also took her student-teacher training course. Sunni has a very structured class, and she expects the same commitment from her students as they do from her. She works around your schedule to make it possible for you to get everything you can out of your work with her. She can be a tough teacher, but you’re not paying her good money to be easy. She challenges you, and pushes you to think deeper and harder. Everyone going through the training program, and paying top dollar (worth the knowledge of a sound professional that if she doesn’t know the answer will research and come back to you with it..very personal, very passionate)  everyone knows exactly what they’re getting into. Sunni has stipulations for submitting an application to her program. You MUST have trained with her at least 6 months, which means everyone is already acquainted with her teaching style.

I’ve known Sunni through Studio S Pilates for 3 years now and Sunni’s stuck through it all with me. She’s a good friend, an even better pilates instructor, and she wants to see real professionals in her industry that can tell the difference between a quadricep and an adductor. I wish there were more driven professionals like her in my industry! We could use a leader like you!

Rachel H.

She personalizes your program to fit your needs…

Debra Smith, here, just wanting to share some observations and (I guess you’d call it) providing a testimonial of my experience with Sunni Almond and Studio S Pilates.  First of all, environment is SO important to me and I can’t recommend any better environment for doing Pilates. I am just not into a “cold gym” atmosphere.  Sunni is more than an EXPERT Pilates’ instructor.  She is an artist of her own rights and has painted a mural of an ocean scene that creates a warm and relaxing environment, coupled with soothing colors, elsewhere.  This is a special place with a special instructor. See you on the beaches of the world! 

Debra Smith

One of Sunni’s traits is that she personalizes your program to fit your needs, starting at the basics and progressing to advanced levels when she determines that you are ready.  I have experienced great “core” training with her and we work on different areas as we progress.  Her understanding of the body and how I should be “positioned” to do the movements “properly” is amazing.  I have seen other Pilates instructors show you a position and movement and then not take the time to make sure that you are making the moves properly to work the muscle groups that are supposed to be engaged.  She has made me so aware of posture and muscle groups that I incorporate that into my own workouts in my home gym.  I am so conscientious about “glutes” and “abs” and flexing or holding in those muscle groups even while on my home elliptical machine.

Another thing I LOVE is how cognizant she is of what a body needs at a certain age.  What I mean by that is she recognized that I’m aging (like all of us) and am at a point where I need some emphasis on balance….whoa, how I didn’t realize that until we started working on balance.  I could go on and on but you should probably take the time to take a class rather than take more time to read stuff written by me.  Go experience the difference that Sunni can make.  Take time for you! (With her)!

Sunni pulled me up from a pit of despair…

I’m not really sure where to start on this review…When I first started seeing Sunni, I was a mess. I had a herniated disc in my lower back, was barely able to walk, and had just found out I was pregnant! I knew that the only way to truly recover from my pain was to address the root issue: a weak core. I also knew that the only way to address a weak core was with Classical Pilates.

Enter Sunni! Sunni took me on as a client with the mutual understanding that we’d both give it the best we had, considering all of my complications. She is Classically trained and is well-versed in prental Pilates to boot! I purchased a 30-session “Pilates At Your House” package.

I just finished my 20th session with Sunni…the last several weeks have been full of so many milestones! When I first started seeing Sunni, I could only bend forward a few inches. Now, 20 sessions later, I have just reached the major milestone of being able to reach my toes! I haven’t been able to do that in over five months!

Other milestones along the way included the first time I was able to twist during Saw, my first roll-down, and, as an indication of healing, the first night I was able to fall asleep on my side instead of my back.

Sunni has pulled me up from a pit of despair. I still have a long way to go, but when I compare where I am now to where I was when I started, I am speechless. I could hardly walk; I couldn’t sit upright for more than 2 minutes; and I was in constant, unending pain with no medical remedy due to my pregnancy.

I’m 5 months pregnant now, and while I still have some minor chronic pain, I feel better over-all than I have felt, frankly, in years. I am walking taller, I am not wobbling, and I have greater strength and control in my entire body.

About Sunni: As her name implies, Sunni is a ray of sunshine. She is very upbeat and enthusiastic. She has a great attitude and really rolls up her sleeves to get you where you need to be! But she also understands when to adjust her pace to where you are in your capabilities (which changes day by day with an injured pregnant lady!).

If you are willing to work hard and are dedicated, you will see amazing results and feel so much better! We laugh now when we talk about where I was when I started…like how I couldn’t straighen my left leg AT ALL during leg springs or the hundred or whatever.

I cannot recommend Sunni enough!

Sunni is why I fell in love with Pilates

I walked into a Pilates studio one day and was introduced to Sunni.  She was my first Pilates instructor and holds a special place in my heart.  She is a big reason why I fell in love with Pilates. I hated working out but knew it was something I needed to do.  I would make myself go to the gym, do aerobics and lift weights but I never enjoyed it.  Then Sunni started working with me doing Pilates mat work.  I fell in love with the work out and then she introduced me to the equipment.  My favorite piece of equipment is the trap table, but all the equipment is so much fun to work out on.  It is great when you find the type of work out that is fun for you and Sunni is a great teacher.  Her energtic and bubbly nature just motivates to go beyond where you think you can.  I have now made Pilates a daily part of my life and it is so much fun that I don’t feel like I am exercising and Sunni was the instructor who started it all.  Please feel  free to contact me for a personal reference.

Monica J.

Lake Elsinore, CA

[email protected]

Within a few weeks, I could see a difference!

If you want to increase your flexibility, strength and tone your body, this is the place to go! At the age of 50, I came in with skepticism that I would be able to do it, as I had never been an athletic person. Within a few weeks, I could see a difference, not only in the way I looked and felt about myself, but found myself sitting, bending, getting up and moving in a whole new way daily. My core strength has definitely improved. Sunni knows how the body works and creates a routine that is specifically designed for what your individual body needs, as well as working with any physical limitations you may have due to illness or injury. She is such a pleasant person, stays current with new equipment and routines, and is truly devoted to helping people achieve their goals. So, don’t think you can’t have the body you want, with Sunni”s help you can!

Brenda M.
Las Vegas, CA