Crossing The Bridge: Going from Contemporary to Classical Pilates

cross pilates bridge

You know that saying, ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’? Well those who haven’t been contemporary first can’t understand the drive to hop/switch yesterday, BUT the reality of investing at a time of life when there is more to the story than just what YOU want to do is daunting.

You’ve been teaching and working all these years, going to conferences and keeping up the CEC’s, buying more apparatus and all the cool toys that keep getting invented, getting certified in different but similar modalities, ’cause it’s fun, looks cool, will get more clients in the door, the ROI is in sight…” …And then you try a classical workshop, class or lesson, and you can’t shake off the feel of the difference.

How is it so much the same and yet at the same time so completely different?!?!?!

The feeling of all those years and dollars poured into something that you thought was the real deal! And it was … until it wasn’t.

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