She personalizes your program to fit your needs…

Debra Smith, here, just wanting to share some observations and (I guess you’d call it) providing a testimonial of my experience with Sunni Almond and Studio S Pilates.  First of all, environment is SO important to me and I can’t recommend any better environment for doing Pilates. I am just not into a “cold gym” atmosphere.  Sunni is more than an EXPERT Pilates’ instructor.  She is an artist of her own rights and has painted a mural of an ocean scene that creates a warm and relaxing environment, coupled with soothing colors, elsewhere.  This is a special place with a special instructor. See you on the beaches of the world! 

Debra Smith

One of Sunni’s traits is that she personalizes your program to fit your needs, starting at the basics and progressing to advanced levels when she determines that you are ready.  I have experienced great “core” training with her and we work on different areas as we progress.  Her understanding of the body and how I should be “positioned” to do the movements “properly” is amazing.  I have seen other Pilates instructors show you a position and movement and then not take the time to make sure that you are making the moves properly to work the muscle groups that are supposed to be engaged.  She has made me so aware of posture and muscle groups that I incorporate that into my own workouts in my home gym.  I am so conscientious about “glutes” and “abs” and flexing or holding in those muscle groups even while on my home elliptical machine.

Another thing I LOVE is how cognizant she is of what a body needs at a certain age.  What I mean by that is she recognized that I’m aging (like all of us) and am at a point where I need some emphasis on balance….whoa, how I didn’t realize that until we started working on balance.  I could go on and on but you should probably take the time to take a class rather than take more time to read stuff written by me.  Go experience the difference that Sunni can make.  Take time for you! (With her)!