Sunni pulled me up from a pit of despair…

I’m not really sure where to start on this review…When I first started seeing Sunni, I was a mess. I had a herniated disc in my lower back, was barely able to walk, and had just found out I was pregnant! I knew that the only way to truly recover from my pain was to address the root issue: a weak core. I also knew that the only way to address a weak core was with Classical Pilates.

Enter Sunni! Sunni took me on as a client with the mutual understanding that we’d both give it the best we had, considering all of my complications. She is Classically trained and is well-versed in prental Pilates to boot! I purchased a 30-session “Pilates At Your House” package.

I just finished my 20th session with Sunni…the last several weeks have been full of so many milestones! When I first started seeing Sunni, I could only bend forward a few inches. Now, 20 sessions later, I have just reached the major milestone of being able to reach my toes! I haven’t been able to do that in over five months!

Other milestones along the way included the first time I was able to twist during Saw, my first roll-down, and, as an indication of healing, the first night I was able to fall asleep on my side instead of my back.

Sunni has pulled me up from a pit of despair. I still have a long way to go, but when I compare where I am now to where I was when I started, I am speechless. I could hardly walk; I couldn’t sit upright for more than 2 minutes; and I was in constant, unending pain with no medical remedy due to my pregnancy.

I’m 5 months pregnant now, and while I still have some minor chronic pain, I feel better over-all than I have felt, frankly, in years. I am walking taller, I am not wobbling, and I have greater strength and control in my entire body.

About Sunni: As her name implies, Sunni is a ray of sunshine. She is very upbeat and enthusiastic. She has a great attitude and really rolls up her sleeves to get you where you need to be! But she also understands when to adjust her pace to where you are in your capabilities (which changes day by day with an injured pregnant lady!).

If you are willing to work hard and are dedicated, you will see amazing results and feel so much better! We laugh now when we talk about where I was when I started…like how I couldn’t straighen my left leg AT ALL during leg springs or the hundred or whatever.

I cannot recommend Sunni enough!