Warning About Immunizations

Today, I taught a class at Living Yoga Center, and it was one of those times when I learned something new from my students – a life lesson.  If you have children or plan on having kids, please read on…

This particular student of mine is a Special Ed teacher, and she told me a story about a child in her class who was born normal and adopted into a family. Then one day, something serious had changed in their baby girl. She now presented with autism, not long after she had her immunizations. The parents had her lab work done, and it showed a biotin deficiency, and she also had an allergic reaction to biotin. Well guess what?… Biotin is present in egg white, and immunizations are in an egg white (albumin) base.

The takeaway here is…Do not immunize with an egg based product if you or your child has a biotin or egg based allergy!