What I Learned on the Mountain…

Alisa Wyatt taught a mat class that should’ve been filmed for Pilatesology, she slayed em (in the best possible way) I also got lots of ‘hands on/ teacher body in’ stretching info for the side leg spring work.

From Siri Dharma Galliano, healthy bodies go to the reformer, injured bodies (or less than 100% go to the Cadillac. ‘How does your body feel today’ each and every time, never assume, watch & look. I run the show in the studio, goal is to make students more autonomous.

Boundaries! My biggest struggle is giving my power away…I decide the program based on what I see, not necessarily what the client would prefer to do. She didn’t necessarily use those words

From Jennifer Kries, the Horseback is all about the C curve, not how high you get, she likes legs rotated out,( Brett liked them rotated in), all really depends on the body in front of you, as soon as the scoop is there, the adductors engage and voila, Lift! Jennifer also gave us infallible hands on techniques.

Andrea Maida, you weren’t presenting, I learned from you anyway…so there

Brett took the stomach series on the chair, and swan to a new level of insanity, I mean intensity. There was also the ways to handle scoliosis, kyphosis and

Jay Grimes Teaching Sunni Almond


Jay Grimes said never plan a class no matter how well you know a body, every day is different. He gave behind the scenes insight to what really happened in Joe Pilates’ studio, very inspiring. Don’t talk, Do! Moving fixes the body. Watch the body move then decide how to progress.

I didn’t have the pleasure of working with Carrie Macy, but I had dinner with her, awesome energy to be around…

What a flipping great weekend, my head is stuffed, my body sore, and my clients this week worked hard!!!