Wow! Cool Torture Chamber

So you’ve decided to check out pilates, and you may be thinking to yourself – What is pilates?   Will it be right for me?  Maybe you’re tired of working out in the gym on the machines and staring at that sweaty grey carpet.  Or you don’t work out and you’ve heard that pilates has health benefits like a strong core, and it won’t hurt your joints. Or, you want to go slow and you’ve heard that pilates is just a bunch of stretching. Maybe you think you need to be in shape 1st to start pilates because you aren’t flexible and you have some aches and pains. Possibly you’ve even been referred to pilates by friends or a chiropractor.

Then you do a web search and find a studio.  You’re not sure what to expect and what pilates really is/what it will be like, but you make an appointment, put on some stretchy clothes, and show up.

First, you walk into the studio tentatively, checking out all the strange apparatus and asking if it’s some kind of torture chamber!  All the stuff has crazy names like reformer, trap table, guillotine, electric chair, Wunda chair, pedi pole.

Don’t worry!  You will likely not use these apparatus until you get the hang of it…then you might call it a torture chamber!  As you increase in ability, the exercises get more daunting, but amazingly you are able to find what you’re looking for in all those springs and moving things.

You will get stronger, sleeker, and more flexible. You will stand taller and have better posture. Aches and pains will diminish, and you’ll wonder where the hour went when your lesson is over.

Want to feel good? We all start somewhere, so let me meet you where you are.  You may not know what pilates is now, but you will soon!

And remember…if your body isn’t becoming to you, you should be coming to me!

See you in the studio,