Progress in Pilates: It Takes a While!

By Melissa Greenwood In his Literary Hub article “Writing My Own ‘Indian American Novel’ Meant Looking to California,” author Sameer Pandya notes, “Sometimes it takes a while.” In his case, the “it” was publishing his first novel, which, on account of many false-“starts and stops,” he didn’t end up doing…
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Heritage of a Lifetime

by Jillian Hessel If you’re a teacher or avid student of Pilates, you can trace your roots back to a mentor or formative teacher. Since Pilates is life-changing,many of us decide to become teachers ourselves. This is how the living chain of Pilates lineage works: Our mentors change our lives,…
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All Roads Lead to Joe

A road with many twists and turns: Cheerleader, Gymnast, Modern Dancer, Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Communication and Wellness Consultant and last but not least Pilates Aficionado. While teaching Pilates and managing a studio is where I am now, the various paths that led to here are most definitely connected. Let’s start…
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