I have been going to Pilates on and off for more than 10 years. I started with a group mat class and have worked in both private and group reformer classes over the years. I was most recently attending a fairly large group reformer class where I would typically leave class with a sore neck and other aches and pains that I just chocked up to completing a rigorous workout. I mean, no pain, no gain, right?

Being new to the area, I wanted to try another studio and see if there was a difference. To say I found a difference in training with Sunni is a huge understatement. Even though I have been doing some form of Pilates for more than a decade, it was evident to me in the first 5 minutes of our first session that I had never been truly introduced to classical, Joseph Pilates-style training.

At first, I felt a little frustrated, like I have to learn everything I thought I knew all over again. Sunni takes the time to explain the theory behind the classical Pilates workout, the way Joseph taught it in his own studio. Sunni teaches on classical equipment, and while it may all look similar to equipment you’ve been on in other studios, her equipment is designed in true Joseph style with springs that don’t do all the work for you.

Sunni teaches you how take control of each exercise, and not let the machines do the work for you. This was a big change for me since all of previous experience was working on equipment designed for the masses.

My neck actually felt better after our very first session. I no longer experience neck pain during my Pilates workouts and I’m no longer feeling frustrated because I trust that Sunni is teaching me the way it was meant to be taught. Even though I’m moving more slowly in my new training with Sunni, I’m feeling muscles that I haven’t felt in a very long time. If I do have any soreness, it’s the good kind of muscle fatigue.

If you’re attending a modern Pilates studio, most likely, you’re doing it all wrong and don’t even know it. I was for more than 10 years! Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing and do yourself a favor. Book a session with Sunni and decide for yourself.

~Danielle S.