Sunni-Almond-head-shotDear client, It’s NOT Pilates if:

It’s anything from Acrobatics to sitting and meditating and finding your Zen.

To be clear, I’m not bagging on any sport, any Barre, any Bosu, or Suspension Training or Yoga, Wall or Rock climbing, Skydiving, Wind-tunnel play, Acro yoga, or any yoga. Any super reformer, or mega former. Balls, bands, foam rollers, or any reformer where you put the box over the springs instead of just long or short box, or Zumba.

Those things all have their place, but if you walk into a studio that has Pilates on the sign, and what they teach didn’t come in some major way from Joe and Clara Pilates (and you should ask, if you’re not sure) then it isn’t Pilates. Anyone can say they teach Pilates, there’s no law against it, but if you actually want REAL Pilates, please ask for credentials, find out where your teacher studied, or who their teachers are. Get what you’re paying for.

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